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OcuMet™ Beacon

OcuMet™ Beacon

nThe OcuMet™ Beacon is a novel medical device that can non-invasively assess retinal mitochondrial dysfunction. The figure to the right shows the 2nd generation alpha-prototype unit that is currently being used in clinical trials. The OcuMet™ Beacon takes an infrared fundus image that highlights the acquisition area for the retinal metabolic image shown in yellow (A), takes a retinal flavoprotein fluorescence (FPF) metabolic image (B), and provides quantitative analysis, including retinal FPF histogram analysis of pixel intensities (C). The images below are taken from a normal 25 year old human. A&B show the left eye. C shows right (blue) and left (red) eyes. 

Retinal Metabolic Data
The OcuMet™ Beacon offers a non-invasive, rapid, and reliable method to screen for and monitor disease that does not rely on high levels of medical expertise.
 It detects metabolic dysfunction in retinal cells before there is irreversible cell damage, detecting dysfunction several years earlier than current non-invasive technology.

RMA 2nd Generation Instrument
2nd Generation Alpha-Prototype

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