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OcuSciences, Inc.
OcuSciences Named 2014 Medical Main Street's INNO-VATOR of the Year
The award honors the creators of a medical device that demonstrates the most dramatic change in the health care industry in Michigan.

Ann Arbor Company Leading Early Diabetes Detection

OcuSciences Wins
Life Sciences Sector Award
at the 2011 Accelerate Michigan Innovation Competition
>RMA Alpha-Prototype OcuSciences is commercializing a patented technology that can non-invasively detect and monitor retinal mitochondrial dysfunction.

Our technology provides the first rapid and quantitative measurement of the functional status of retinal tissue, allowing for detection of disease much earlier than currently possible.

We hope to have the technology commercially available by 2015.

Please contact us at info@ocusciences.com for investment, partnership, or licensing inquiries.

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